Scratches and scuffs on the paintwork of your car never look well. They spoil the look of your vehicle. Repairing the vehicle for paintwork, again and again, is costly. Therefore, most car drivers do not want to see these signs on their vehicles.

If you are one of those irritated car drivers, Car Wrapping Birmingham can be a life-changing event for you.

Car wrapping is a cheaper and more attractive way to provide a totally new look to the vehicle.

What is car wrapping?

The concept of car wrapping originally came with the idea of advertising. Nowadays, driver wraps their car for aesthetic goals as well. A car wrap must get indeed a vinyl covering that the mechanics apply over the paintwork of the vehicle.

You can wrap your car fully with a car wrap or you can use it to cover a specific part only. Car wraps are available in multiple designs, colors, and textures. You can get a unique look for your vehicle with the help of a vast range of car wraps.

How do they wrap your car?

Car wrapping is not an easy job. If the mechanic would get failed to wrap your car properly, it will show folds that will look odd on the body of your vehicle. Therefore, you have to hire a professional service for car wrapping.

How is car wrapping done properly?

If you might get interested in car wrapping service, you have to color, texture and design of your choice. After you have selected the desired wrap, you have to determine whether you want a full wrap or you want to just cover a part of your vehicle.

If you choose full wrap, the film will cover the entire body of your car. on the other hand, if you choose partial wrap, only a part of your car will have the covering. For example, you can choose a car wrap to cover only the roof of your vehicle.

After that, the mechanic will take the correct measurements of your vehicle. Taking measurements is necessary since every model of a vehicle is different.

Car wrap suppliers print the sheet and they provide an extra coating of print to save your car from scratches and the sunshine. As a result, car wraps maintain their shine for a long time and they do not fade due to sunshine and UV rays.

It is possible to cover a vehicle with the car wrap at home but you should not try it because it is the question of the look of your car. Even a single mistake will spoil the overall look of your vehicle.

Thus, it is better for you to choose a professional service for car wrapping.

A professional will prepare the car by doing proper paintwork and removing scratches and scuffs. They will clean the car thoroughly to remove dust and dirt. After that, the car is ready for the car wrap.

After that, the mechanic removes the backing from the film and reveals the gum side. Then, the mechanic will apply the wrap with the help of a plastic blade. The mechanic will ensure that not a single air bubble should get left when they apply covering.

Advantages of car wrapping

A cheaper option to change the look of your car

Applying a coat of vinyl film is cheaper than other repair options. If you are looking for an attractive but attractive option, car wrapping comes at the top.

Improving aesthetic appearance

You can improve the look of your vehicle with the help of a vast range of available options with different colors, sizes, and textures.

Protects the paintwork

As mentioned above, car wraps come with UV rays and scratch protection to keep the paintwork safe for a long time.

A good advertising option

If you are a business owner, you can use this for advertising as well as to showcase your brand.

Besides the advantages of car wrapping service, let us have a look at the disadvantages as well.



It is possible a car wrap is not fitted badly. As a result, air bubbles having moisture may promote rusting,

You cannot apply it on your own

It is not easy to apply a car wrap to the car’s body. Moreover, your mechanic needs the correct tools to do the work effectively.

Cheap options will not last long

If you choose a cheap option to cover your car, it will not serve your needs for a long time. it will fade over time due to factors like sunshine and UV rays.

The resale value of the vehicle

If you want to sell your car that has a car wrapping, It works as an aesthetic element for your car. Therefore, the buyer will feel impressed and show his interest in your vehicle.

Types of car wraps

Generally, car wrap films are available in four types in the market. These tyres are:

Coloured: This is an opaque wrapping and car drivers use it to just change the color of their vehicles.

Clear: It is a transparent film that should be used to just protecting the original paintwork of

Textured: Some drivers want to provide a different look for their vehicles. These drivers choose textured wraps.

Custom & advertising wraps: Your wrap providers may customize car wraps according to your needs. These Car Wrapping Birmingham are used most often for advertising purposes.